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刺繡耳環 | 耳夾 / 耳釘 - 磁磚 - 大菊花 | Embroidered earring - | Window grille-Big Chrysanthemum

NT$ 530.00
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/ 產品介紹


/ 材質
▲螺絲耳夾 - 銅+厚電鍍14k真金,保色期長
▲316醫療鋼耳針 - 外層鍍金,低敏感

/ 包裝


/ 保養方式

/ 其他
2.耳環配件材料(例如幾何圖案,連接配件等) 存貨有時候會不足,人手製作每一對也會有不一樣,配件可能會在不影響主要設計下以類似的配件替代

/ 注意事項

1. 我們的產品均為原創產品,台灣生產,人手逐件加工及包裝。如有收貨後有任何問題,請於七天內跟客服人員聯絡。
2. 我們收到訂單後會盡快處理,如有問題小編會跟大家聯絡,請留意信箱,以免延誤大家收貨的時間。
3. 設計館休假中代表我們有其他活動進行中或小編休假呦,可能沒辦法立即回覆,請耐心等待。
4. 外包裝及盒子均為保護產品之用,運送途中有機會有損耗。如有送禮需求,我們樂意另外附上包裝袋,請於備註欄備註需求,我們會盡力配合呦^_^


/Product Description

Some people say that a pair of earrings will always be missing for a girl's jewelry cabinet. We heard it!
Since 2018, Littdlework has paired earrings with embroidery!
You can find pretty, simple, funny, and flashy here."

1.14k gold-plated earrings, made of copper. The color can last a long time.
2.14k gold-plated drill earrings, made of copper. The color can last a long time.
3. 925 sterling silver earrings, gold plated. Allergies are unlikely to occur.
4. 316 Medical steel earrings, gold-plated. Allergies are unlikely to occur.

▲Drawer Gift Box

/Maintenance Method
1. Perfumes and cosmetics accelerate the oxidation of metal parts, so it is recommended to wipe them with a silver polish cloth on a regular basis.
2. Wipe it with toothpaste if slight oxidation occurs.
3. Do not leave it in a place with excessive humidity.
4. Please put it back into the bag or box when you are not wearing

1. You can choose different embroidery for the same price, please write in the comment when ordering
2. Parts other than embroidery may not always be the same material as the photo. (It doesn't change the design itself) However, there are some differences due to handmade.

/Customized Project
We accept customize embroidery patterns if you order more than 50 units. Please contact us for further details.

1. Our products are all original products, made in Taiwan, and are processed and packaged one-by-one manually. If you have any questions after receiving the goods, please contact customer service within 7 days.
2. After receiving an order, we will process it as soon as possible. If there are any questions,we will contact you, please pay attention to the mailbox to avoid any delay in receiving your products.
3. There may be other activities in progress or we may be on vacation. You may not be able to get a reply immediately. Please be patient.
4. The outer packaging and box are used to protect the products, there will be some losses during transportation. If there is a special requirement for gift-giving, we are happy to provide a separate packaging bag, please note the demand in the remarks column, we will try our best to accommodate your needs.
5. Overseas orders outside Hong Kong and Macao will be sent by registered mail, if the tariff is generated, the buyer will bear it.
6. Welcome to inquire in Chinese or English.



・イヤリング:14K 金メッキ・銅製




・商品はすべてMade in Taiwanのオリジナルです。加工と包装は手作業で行っています。商品が届いてからご不明な点がある場合は、商品到着後7日以内にご連絡ください。